Trust in Equity Release January Newsletter

Dear Colleague


Happy New Year to you and I wish you every success for 2013 in what will I am sure be a challenging year ahead.


For many retired people the cost of living is rising year on year, far more than their income, which is impacting on their ability to enjoy their retirement to the full. Many are sitting on vast sums of Equity in their property and  they struggle on rather than doing anything about it.


Those who do take action may decide to downsize but many either simply love the home they have lived in for a large part of their lives or cannot downsize to generate sufficient capital. Releasing equity from their home can be a good solution for many especially as retired people are staying active much longer than the previous generations, which of course needs money to afford these activities. This is can be an issue across the board whether people live in a property valued at £100000 or £1000000 they can be cash poor and each lives to their own standards.


The greatest issue faced by many people is either the lack of knowledge or the miss information they have about Equity Release which immediately closes their mind to that route being a potentially good alternative for them. I know this from my own day to day experience of explaining to potential customers why Equity Release can be a solution for them and overcoming their perceptions and ignorance of how it works.


Of course it is not right for everybody like all types of financial products it is important to identify the needs of the client and the identifying a solution to help them. Advising a customer not to go ahead with an equity release case is just as an important part of the advice process. I am very passionate about Equity Release and am keen to promote this potential area to you as a potential introducer who may have your own clients who you feel may benefit from a discussion with me.


I will continue to produce this newsletter for you each month and confirm that I would like over the course of the year to meet with you to discuss the merits of Equity Release and how I could possibly help your customers in retirement that are asset rich and cash poor. If in the meantime you do have a client that I may be able to help then by all means pick up the phone and I will be only too pleased to discuss this with you.


Kind Regards