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Equity Release Advice

We're here to help you make the right decision

We are dedicated to giving you the correct financial advice when you are making an initial decision about whether home equity release is right for you. An equity release plan may not suit everybody so it is important to consider all options before entering into any agreement. It is recommended you seek independent financial advice as different equity release plans have different features which will have their own advantages and disadvantages to you.

We work with a number of different providers of equity release plans and will find the best plan for you, whether that’s advising on plans which allow interest repayments to be made or discussing the impact on estate values and inheritance. You can be sure that Trust in Equity Release will offer the best equity release advice available. You can Contact Us to talk about an equity release plan today and many questions are answered on the FAQs page.

Equity Release advice is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and in addition plans have to meet standards set by the Equity Release Council which is the industry’s governing body. Each plan has certain guarantees that have to be met:

  • You are guaranteed to be able to stay in the property for the rest of their lives.
  • You are guaranteed to be able to move.
  • No negative equity guarantee
  • Must take independent legal advice

Trust in Equity Release will also provide excellent, on-going, impartial advice once the home equity release has been taken. Some equity release plans allow further funds to be taken at a later date so if this is likely we will ensure you are on the right plan from the start. You can sleep easily knowing our equity release advice covers draw down plans, home reversion plans, lifetime mortgages and more, ensuring the right equity release plan is in place for you from the start.

Equity release advice given is done in a friendly, helpful manner with our experienced advisors. You can be sure with Trust in Equity Release that the equity release plan we find for you meets all your requirements. Contact Us today to arrange a chat about your specific needs.


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Steve Harrison

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Lucy Edwards

Equity Release Specialist
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